Terry Southerland

Terry Southerland’s experience in the fitness industry has been solidified following his long tenure as the former National Director of Boxing for Crunch Fitness International.

His professional career as a fighter is marked by a record of 21 wins, and 3 losses. As an amateur, he won 3 National Championships, and competed around the world representing the United States as a member of the US Amateur Boxing Team.

He competed for the US Navy team for 3 years. As captain of the team, he represented the United States in numerous tournaments, including the Goodwill games in Russia. Southerland compiled an amateur record of 148 wins, and 14 losses. Over the last 10 years he has brought innovation to the field of fitness as it relates to boxing, and fight-fitness. Terry Southerland’s personal training is cutting edge.

3-Time National Champion
U.S. Goodwill Games 1986
United States Navy Amateur Boxing
Amateur Boxing Record: 148-14
WBC Middleweight Pro Boxing Record: 21-3